Recently, I started massaging my own feet at night and this has now turned into a wonderful, self-nurturing bedtime ritual. So I thought why not share it with other mums, as it may be something that helps to bring you calm, relaxation and perhaps some better quality sleep!

We Busy Mums Are Run Off Our Feet

Mums can easily get tired, run down and develop all sorts of health issues from spending so much time care-taking for others, putting their kids and family before themselves. Mummahood is stressful! We are usually on our feet all day, rushing from task to task , so it makes sense to give some love and attention to our tootsies!

Massaging Your Feet is Healing

Now I love reflexology and every so often I treat myself to a session. But as a busy mum I don’t always have the time and money to do it as much as is needed. Yet I know when I massage my own feet, I find it very healing and relaxing, not to mention great for my tired feet.


Did you know that you have thousands of nerve endings in your feet and according to ancient Chinese medicine, reflexology (which involves applying pressure to these nerve endings) can help with stress, low energy, anxiety, PMS, sleep issues and many other health niggles – many of which a woman experiences on her journey during motherhood.






Self-Nourishment is Vital For Mums

Since I have started massaging my own feet, I sleep better and I just look forward to the way I feel afterwards. Self-nourishment is vital for mums, as is making our own needs a priority. So here is my nightly routine below for you to follow and I hope you try it out!

  1. Start after you’ve had a bath/shower so you feel clean and ready to settle down for the night.
  2. Get in some comfy pjs or dressing gown so your body feels warm and snug.
  3. Sit on your bed, propped up with pillows (I like to put pillows against the headboard and lean back on them)  and pull your feet into you as if you were going to sit cross-legged, but bring your feet together to touch (or just get in a position that is comfy for you but you can reach your feet!).
  4. Have some oil or cream ready for the massage – I use Neals Yard foot balm or sometimes I use sweet almond oil with some essential oils. Orange, mandarin or lavender are great.
  5. Rub a little cream/oil  in your hands to warm it up and then apply, rubbing your feet all over for a few minutes to soften them up and to begin to feel relaxed.
  6. Next use your thumbs in a circular motion, moving up and down your feet.
  7. Start to apply a firmer pressure, still using thumbs. You will begin to feel more relaxed as the tension in your feet releases
  8. Knead with your knuckles and paying special attention to tender spots or where you feel your feet need some love. Move slowly, giving each part of your feet time.
  9. If you can, go even firmer, it can sometimes feel a little painful but the release after is welcome.
  10. When you have finished, just hold both your feet in your hands. Close your eyes and send some love to your body, thanking it for serving you and your family today.
  11. Make sure you drink some water and settle down to sleep or read a book.










So, please do try this nourishing ritual, something that you do just for YOU after a busy day – when the kids area in bed and you can create a little time for you. 


Let me know how you get on!


Much love,


J xx