Mums need ALOT of energy to cope with their daily schedules, to meet the demands of parenting and tackle their endless to do list.  Keeping healthy is vital. There is a secret weapon that works wonders and I want to share it with you…hydration!




Now we all know how important it is to drink water, but in recent years I’ve noticed what a huge difference being hydrated it actually makes. These are the benefits I have personally experienced when I am consistent in staying hydrated everyday. The results are quick too.


• Clearer skin
• Bright eyes
• Mental clarity
• Physical energy and overall feeling better physically
• Waking up with more energy
• Improved mood around my children
• Fewer colds/viruses and headaches
• Better digestion
• Curbs food cravings


As a Society We are Dehydrated

They say ‘chronic dehydration’ is widespread today, despite us all knowing more about healthy eating and drinking. When your body goes into chronic dehydration, it loses its sensitivity to water deprivation and you don’t get thirsty when you need to.


So you may not think your body is dehydrated, but if you’re reaching for coffees, caffeinated tea and fizzy or sugary drinks during the day, enjoying a glass of wine or two at night, but not drinking an abundance of healthy fluids and watery fruits and vegetables, then it’s likely that your body (which is made up for 75% water) is experiencing some level of dehydration.


For us mums, it’s probable that our bodies get frequently dehydrated.

Think About It! 

How many times have you got to the school gates after rushing around all morning and realise you haven’t had a drink that morning? Or you might have made a morning cuppa but then in your busyness, you left it sitting, getting cold on the kitchen worktop?


How often during the day do you feel thirsty but forget to get yourself a drink because you are rushing from one task to another?


How frequently do you get out to an activity with your kids and realise you’ve packed them a lovely healthy lunch and a drink, but didn’t do the same for yourself?


Here are some of the things I drink to stay healthy and hydrated, and I encourage you to try incorporating them into your day and see the difference you feel almost immediately!


1. Good, clean, filtered water


We need to introduce a little ritual to make hydration a habit. As soon as I get up in the morning I drink a pint of room temperature water that is from my water filter. This really wakes me up and hydrates my body after it has gone without much fluid all night long. They say the water energises your organs and cells to get you feeling ready to face the day ahead.


I have a large 1 litre mason jar which I use as my drinking glass during the day at home. I keep it to hand and set myself the target of drinking at least 2-3 litres each day.


I squeeze fresh lemon juice into my water as it adds flavour and also has lots of vitamin C, as well as being a good internal cleanser and alkaliser for the body.
If you like a bit of sophistication, why not flavour your water with foods like slices of cucumber, strawberries and apples, orange or lemon. My favourite is cucumber and mint combined.



2.  Herbal teas for Hydration


It took me a bit of time to get used to herbal teas. At first, they just didn’t cut it and couldn’t compare to a good old builder’s brew.


But I persisted, tried out lots of different flavours and over time, my taste buds have changed. I now really enjoy having 3-4 cups a day to fulfil my intake of healthy fluid.


My favourites are the Pukka herbal tea range. I always have fresh ginger root at home which I cut up into little pieces and pour boiling water over to drink as a ginger tea. It’s so warming on the tummy and really good to for digestion.


3.  Smoothies for Hydration


I try to have at least one smoothie a day, jam packed with live nutrients and vitamins to nourish me from within. This is a recipe I use often, but play around with your own ingredients and create something you like. Encourage your kids to join you so that everyone benefits from the extra goodness.


1 medium frozen banana (previously peeled, cut into small chunks and put in the freezer)
½ cup of avocado
1 heaped teaspoon of nut butter (I usually use almond butter)
½ cup of unsweetened almond milk
¼ cup of coconut milk
2 cups of fresh spinach
1 tsp vanilla extract or powder.
Blend all the ingredient in a blender until creamy, adding more milk or bananas to thin/thicken


So, you amazing Mummas, I encourage you to start making hydration a focus in your life, start experimenting and looking for ways to increase your healthy drinks. They will nourish you from the inside out and give you the vitality, energy and positive mood you need to meet the demands of motherhood.


It’s a cheap and flexible way to stay healthy and happy. You deserve it and your family deserves it!

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