It’s vital for us mums. To feel supported and bonded with other women who are on the same journey as you.

It’s an important way to nourish yourself and ease the isolation and long, lonely days that can come with raising your kids.

I used to find it so hard to connect with people. I still do and often put on a brave smile at the school gate when inside I’m struggling.

But I found that when I have opened my shell a little and reached out to other women, I’m met with empathy and understanding. Not always, (there’s still the unspoken fear that we should be juggling all our balls perfectly) but mostly. Many mums know exactly what I’m feeling and I get such relief knowing I’m not alone.

When I tell another mum I’m tired, she understands the true level of exhaustion my mind and body is going through. When my baby is teething she can recall her own memories (or nightmares!) of the experience.

She gets it.

Recently I enjoyed an evening of cocktails with some lovely fellow mums from our school.

I nearly didn’t go. I feel awkward in social settings and have keenly avoided groups all my life.

It would have been easier not to go. I’d had a terrible nights sleep, the baby was teething and I had a full day the next day. What I really wanted was to get to bed early.

But I saw going out as a way of nourishing myself. I needed that connection and time

away from my kids. And I’m glad I went. It was fun, I got to know the other mums better and even though I had a few drinks, the next day I felt good.

Connection is a great source of self care and I encourage you mummies to reach out to each other.

Create bonds not competition.

Soulful Parenting