June solstice arrived last week, marking the midpoint of the year. In the northern hemisphere this means summer is officially here! With all the light and renewed energy that everyone is feeling, it’s a fruitful time to review where we are with our life goals. How has the first half of the year has gone for you? How can you get back on track and achieve what you want by the end of 2018?


Here are 5 tips to help busy mums and dads tend to their needs and achieve what they want from life.


1. Review and Refresh

If you set yourself goals at the beginning of 2018, then now is the time to review how you are doing.

Take time to celebrate the goals you have achieved so far and really appreciate yourself for how well you have done.

For goals that are still in progress it’s important to review them. Are they still relevant? Do you want to adapt them for the remaining half of the year? What do you need to do in order to achieve them?


If you didn’t have any previous goals, now is the time to set some!


Categorise your goals.     For example ‘Home’, ‘Family’, ‘Work’, ‘Me’ and set yourself 1-2 goals for each area. It’s so important to have goals that are just for you personally and not about being a mum/dad.


So for example under ‘family’ I will write down things that I want to experience or do with my children. I also write down goals about the type of parent I want to be e.g. peaceful parenting, using positive language etc.


My ‘me’ will be just that…all about me as a woman and what I want to experience e.g. a meditation retreat I want to go on, a new skill I want to learn etc.


2. Make Meaningful Goals

Goals must genuinely important to you. For example, my health and energy levels are very meaningful to me, so many of my goals are set around these areas. If I have lots of energy I feel good inside. I can take care of my kids, our home and do my work with ease. That makes me feel happy and on purpose.


Set goals that are challenging enough that they will motivate you, but not too far-reaching that you will give up (e.g. if you are wanting to lose weight, be sensible about the target weight you choose). Motivation is the key to setting goals. So they want to be things that are important to you, not that you feel you should be doing. For example, I think I should be better at keeping the house clean – but it doesn’t motivate me inside, I just feel begrudging when I’m wandering around cleaning all day. So I dont’ set this as a goal. Set goals that are high priority in your life.


3. Make Sure Your Goals are S.M.A.R.T.

Goals need to be:
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timebound (SMART)

Let me demonstrate with one of my goals .I want save a certain amount of money for Christmas this year, so that I am not left in debt or struggling for money and feeling stressed when the Christmas season come around. I want to feel organised and happy that I can afford what I need. So here is how I have made this goal SMART:

Specific – I have written down the exact amount of money I want to have saved.


Measurable – I can count how much money I am saving each week/month and therefore I can measure my success at achieving my target.


Attainable – I have allowed myself enough time ahead of Christmas to save money and I know there are ways I can reduce my spending (e.g. making packed lunches, going to free parks instead of doing paid activities).


Relevant – It’s a relevant goal to my life because Christmas is a special time for me and my family. So I know I will be motivated to save the money.


Time bound – This means your goal must have a deadline by which to achieve it. As Christmas has a set date I know that for me, by 25th November I must have reached my goal in order to start getting prepared.


4. Make Your Goals Visible

The physical act of writing down your desires will make you more likely to work towards them. Post them up around the house, on the fridge, or your bedroom mirror. Its so easy to forget our goals if we keep them in our head or write them in a journal and stick the journal in the drawer.


Vision boards are thought to be highly successful for bringing your desires to life. Use vibrant colours and pictures on your board so that it feels good to look at, and you are energised by what you see. Some people like to create online vision boards. http://www.dreamitalive.com/ is a good website for this.


5. Keep On Track

Achieving your goals is an ongoing activity. It’s important to make time to regularly check in with how you are doing and to enjoy the process/journey of allowing the goals to come to fruition.


Also don’t by shy at giving yourself little rewards along the way. Achieving our dreams is supposed to be fun!