Sometimes nourishing yourself can be as simple as not putting on that load of laundry today.


  • It could be sitting down to eat your lunch mindfully instead of wolfing down your kids’ leftovers while trying to pay bills and vacuum at the same time.


  • It could be staying on the toilet for an extra minute just to breath deeply and slowly, and come back to your centre, rather than rushing off mid-wee to grab the crying baby


  • It could be buying a ready meal and sitting with your kids having cuddles while it cooks in the oven rather than standing over the cooker for an hour while the kids whine and moan for your attention.


  • It could be eating the chocolate with joy instead of guilt.


  • It could be taking a nap when the baby naps.


  • It could be stopping to look in the bedroom mirror while you’re flying around folding laundry and saying to yourself “You are amazing, you are enough, you are doing a great job. You got this.”


  • It could be allowing yourself to be vulnerable and saying “yes” to help. Or being strong and saying “no” to your child’s request for another play date.


  • It could be treating yourself to the expensive moisturiser instead of the cheap one.


  • It could be lighting that unlit candle that sits by the bath and enjoying a long hot soak rather than taking a quick shower.


  • It could be getting an early night. Or it could be using the evening to get organised and lay all the clothes, shoes, school bags out so the morning school run is easy and smooth and doesn’t leave you bedraggled.


It’s really the accumulation of little things that you can do over the course of a day that can help you feel more whole and centred.

For you mama, it might be one of these things, all of them, or you may know your own individual ways to nourish yourself. But of all of us need to remember that we deserve this. We deserve to be nourished and replenished.

A home is only as happy as the mama is.

Soulful Parenting