Every Mum should celebrate her Birthing Day…

My Winter Solstice baby turns 6 today!

It’s always such a flurry of action before a child’s birthday. We are driven to make it memorable for them. Parties, presents, fancy cakes, surprises, family visits – so much effort that we pour into our kids on their special day.

And it is a special day. They say the Universe shifts forever as it welcomes in and makes room for a new soul.


What About the Mumma?

However part of me always feels this inner nudging…what about Mumma who’s rushing around organising her child’s birthday>

Isn’t it her special day also?

It’s the day she birthed the life she carried inside her for months. It’s one of her defining moments in life.

What about celebrating her achievements, her sacrifices, her patience, her strength and endurance during her pregnancy, birth and onwards?

All the thoughtfulness and care she put into keeping her baby safe inside her belly. All the worries she may have endured, the ailments and tiredness she encountered.

I find myself silently blessing a Mumma when I see it’s her child’s birthday. I feel that unspoken connection from one mother to another, knowing that we have a very common bond. The bond of birth.

And I always take a few moments on my children’s birthdays to go off on my own and bless myself.

So, today as I honour myself on my child’s birthday, I honour all you amazing Mums out there.

J x