Hey Mummas!

With the kids at home everyday during ‘Corona lockdown’, finding varied lunch recipes has been tricky. In fact, thinking of different dinners and lunches to have each day is quite an effort! Sandwiches and wraps are beginning to get boring, so I had a little look online for inspiration and found a quick and easy recipe – pizza pittas! Read on to see how you can make these yummy and easy pizza pitas for your kids at lunchtime.


Pizza Lovers!


My kids LOVE pizza and we enjoy making this homemade recipe often, however it takes time and effort. After doing a little research we found an easy way to make a delicious and quick pizza lunch recipe using pittas.

We use wholemeal pitta and organic ingredients where possible to increase the quality and nutrient base of the dish. They are super simple to make, so I’d love to share the recipe and hope to spread the inspiration! In 4 simple steps a delicious lunch awaits you!


Step 1

Lightly toast the pittas and then cut in half. You don’t want them too cooked, just warmed enough so that you can easily separate them in half, as they will be cooked in the oven.


Pitta Pizza Lunches


Step 2

Let the kids enjoy choosing and putting their toppings on. You can make your own homemade tomato sauce, use a store bought pizza sauce or use tomato puree. We added cheese, sweetcorn and chorizo for our toppings, but the choices are endless – ham, mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni….mmmm!


Pizza making


Step 3

Once you’ve prepared your pitta pizzas, put them in the oven for 7-10 minutes, or until cooked to your liking.


Pizza Pitta Kids Lunches


Step 4

Serve with side salad and enjoy!

Pitta Pizza Kids' Lunches



If you have any of your own lunch recipes, I’d love to hear them –  please share in the comments below! Sending so much love and positive energy your way at this time. J xxx