Winter has arrived in the UK and it’s time for me to get creative about indoor activities I can do with my three boys.

We’ve transitioned from having long, sunny days spent outdoors in parks and at the beach, to having cold, wet and grey days where we can feel trapped inside the house with little to do.

With Christmas around the corner all my pennies are saved up for the holiday season, so I’m always on the hunt for free and fun ideas to keep everyone entertained at home (but with minimal supervision needed so that I can get on with my own tasks!).

If you have active children and find it hard to keep them occupied during winter, here are five great ideas that I was lucky enough to find while searching the internet (after having exhausted all our movie options one day!). I have credited the authors below.


1.Make a Homemade Marble Run







This marble run only requires the inner cardboard from toilet roll, some sticky tape, paint if you wish and some marbles (or you could use pom poms or playdough to make into small balls).

The boys enjoy playing with something they have created themselves. To find out how to make it yourself, check out the blog from




2.Make a Racing Track With Masking Tape









This idea was soooo simple and you do exactly as it says on the tin – use masking tape to design a racing track around the house. It takes minimal supervision and the boys worked well together to design the track. They even got extra creative and made bridges, traffic lights and a finish line too from card paper! We got the idea from the blog



3. Try Fingerprint Art







We bought a fingerprint book when Joshua was younger and although we haven’t used it loads over the last 9 years, it’s a handy book to have on a rainy day. It’s relatively mess-free (well, better than getting loads of paint pots and brushes out!) and kids can learn how to make all sorts fun art including animals, transport and cartoon people. There’s even instructions on how to paint Santa and his reindeer which is perfect with this festive season upon us – all created with just a finger or two! The book is titled ‘Ed Emberley’s Complete Funprint Drawing Book’



4. Make Heart Suncatchers









This is a beautiful way to brighten up a grey day and very simple to do.  The boys enjoyed the no-rules approach to their creation and the fun of cutting up lots of tissue paper. Check out the instructions from the blog –



5. Make a Floating Ball Game









Super quick and easy to make, this game entertained the boys all afternoon as they competed against each other. It’s definitely one that works well with a group of children. Using only a bendy straw, some card and tin foil you can create a fun, floating ball game and time how long you can keep the ball floating in the air. Thanks to the author of




So there we are! I hope you have enormous fun trying out these cheap and easy indoor games. Let me know how you get on in the comments!