Over the next few weeks, we face being at home with our families while we self-isolate and overcome the coronavirus outbreak. Read on to see 30 ways to entertain your kids indoors!


A New Way of Living


An indefinite period of school closures has just been announced. It will be a very challenging time as our lifestyle has changed so suddenly, but it’s also an opportunity for us to slow down from our busy schedules and be truly present with our families. Life is so hectic and fast-paced – we all feel the stress of modern society. Well now life has given us all, across the world, this time to stop.


I’m not negating how hard the next few months will be, especially if you or loved ones are vulnerable and at risk from this outbreak. My heart and compassion goes out to you. But let’s work together and share ideas and information on how we can enjoy this time with our kids as much as possible. Let’s take full advantage of it.


Introduce Routine to Your Day


We are used to living life by routine and so are our kids. It gives a sense of familiarity, safety and consistency which is beneficial to young children. I suggest while we are home-bound, we introduce some kind of loose routine to the day so that children still have structure and know what their days will look like. In my son’s class they have a visual display of what they are doing each day, so it could help to pin something on your fridge or cupboard to show a basic format. For example:


  • Breakfast
  • Morning exercise (this will be really important to do daily as our kids won’t be doing PE or sports).
  • House chores
  • Morning activities (school work – reading, writing, maths, online learning, colouring, handwriting)


  • Make lunch together and eat together
  • Afternoon games and screen time (this is a good time to carve out some space for yourself)
  • Individual time
  • Dinner
  • Film and snuggles


My youngest son attends a Montessori nursery and central to the philosophy is that children learn life skills, so where possible it’s great to involve children in day to day chores, meal prepping, cooking, laying the table and tidying away toys, mending things etc.



30 Ways to Entertain Your Kids Indoors



So, in no particular order, these 30 activities are easy to implement, cheap and involve all the family:



  1. Look through old photographs and videos of the family. Enjoy reminiscing.


  1. Make a scrapbook of memories.


  1. Get your children to organise their drawers and bedroom. Clean the garage or loft.


  1. Plant flowers – Spring is the perfect time to plant bulbs and care for them.


  1. Create and draw your family tree. This is great for children to learn about their own heritage.


  1. Make an art gallery – dedicate one wall to showcasing the art you create together while indoors.


  1. Make indoor picnics for lunch and eat together on the floor.


  1. Make up your own family games – see how creative your kids are!


  1. Origami – this can be ordered online from Amazon.


  1. Dig out board games – I’ve ordered a few to keep us going but we have lots already, including Yhatzee, Cleudo, Risk, Connect 4, Dominoes and Bingo!


  1. Make pottery – the kids got a pottery wheel for Christmas, so now is the time to try it out!


  1. Make a show and record it – let your kids dress up, use props and watch themselves back on video.


  1. Obstacle courses – make a course in your living room or garden, and get your kids to time themselves.


  1. Make a family diary – record this historical experience!


  1. Get your kids to read to each other – The Book People have great offers


  1. Make a family treasure hunt around the house, with clues and prizes.


  1. Bake! We love baking cakes, pizzas, cookies. See our homemade pizza recipe.


  1. Make gifts. Make gifts or cards for elderly relatives or neighbours to send to them while they are self-isolating.


  1. Make salt dough ornaments and paint them – so cheap and easy! See instructions here.


  1. Practice maths (we have 10-sided dice which are great for practicing times tables. Each person takes turns to roll two die and the fastest person to multiply the two numbers wins!)


  1. Use activity books – ‘The Works’ have large selection of these including word searches, joke books, maths and English, mazes, counting etc.


  1. Look online for easy science experiments – such as volcano making.


  1. Make bath bombs.


  1. Have a dance / exercise competition.


  1. Practice handwriting.


  1. Write a story together.


  1. Practice yoga (search YouTube for yoga for kids).


  1. Do exercise challenges (YouTube have family cardio workouts you can do together).


  1. Have your kids do set chores each day (emptying bins, polishing, hoovering, making beds).


  1. Make home-made ice cream or popsicles. There a ton of recipes out there – including alcoholic ones! :).


I hope these ideas come in handy over the next few weeks. I’d love to hear your ideas and things you are trying out too, so please post in the comments box!


So much love and best wishes!


J x