Self-nourishment should be top of a mumma’s to-do list, but it rarely is. Here are 3 easy ways to nurture yourself this weekend!


1. Take a salt bath

As busy mums, we don’t have the luxury of taking a long, daily soak. But I’ve found salt baths to be so beneficial for my mood, that I now create time for a Himalyan salt bath at least once a week to relax and distress.

This salt is full of important minerals which your skin soaks up and absorbs into your body. It helps remove toxins, eases aches and pains, improves circulation and helps you sleep better.

After a busy day rushed off your feet doing endless chores and activities for other people, this is one easy way you can nourish yourself.

Add some essential oils such as rose, neroli or jasmine for an extra treat!

Read more info on the healing properties of Himalayan salt baths here


2. Go to bed an hour earlier

Sleep is the Holy Grail of motherhood. Just like the legendary Grail, sleep has magical properties. It restores us, rejuvenates us and bring us back into balance.

And sadly, just like the Grail, it’s often hard to find if you’re a mumma with little people needing you around the clock.

Once the kids are in bed (and then eventually asleep!), often you have chores that need doing, you catch up with friends on social media, or you want to spend time with your partner (watching box sets you’ve promised to only watch together!).

However if you can find a way to put yourself first, jump into your comfy bed and resource yourself with the magical powers of sleep, it will have a huge benefit to your mental focus, mood, energy levels and even weight. An extra hour of sleep makes a huge difference!


3. Swap your coffee for a smoothie

Make a smoothie jam-packed with living nutrients that will give you lasting energy instead of a short term caffeine fix. You can share it with your kids so they benefit from extra vitamins and minerals for their growing bodies! It’s a win-win!

As you replace coffee with nutrient-bursting smoothies, watch your complexion begin to glow, your mood improve and your fuzzy brain become more focussed.

One of my favourite recipes is to blend unsweetened almond milk, tinned coconut milk, avocado (I buy the frozen ones that are already peeled and halved), banana, vanilla powder, spinach and nut butter (such as peanut, almond or cashew).

Sometimes I add chia or hemp seeds for extra protein and a date for extra sweetness.

You can play around with the quantities of each ingredient and make it to your own taste. This smoothie is full of really good healthy fats for the brain as well as important vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate your body.

For smoothie inspiration, try

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