I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is! – Oprah

Love, Life and Little Feet is all about inspiring mums to feel empowered to put themselves first, decide for self-love every day, and explore mindful ways to parent.

On this website you will find articles to inspire, uplift, and feed your soul. Something different to the other mum blogs that offer lifestyle and recipe tips – the aim of Love, Life & Little Feet is to encourage you to nourish you, by encompassing the spirit aspect to mummahood as well as the day to day realities.

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Love + Blessings


3 Powerful Breathing Techniques to Calm Stress

Hey beautiful Mummas,     I hope you are keeping safe and well. Navigating COVID-19 has been such an intense roller coaster! Although we have been able to slow down from our previously fast-paced schedules, we are still experiencing stress in different ways...

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Easy Homemade No-Churn Ice Cream

Getting our kids active in the kitchen is a great way to bond and teach at the same time. I enjoy finding quick and easy recipes that I know the kids will have fun making, as well as eating. As a working solo mumma, time is precious and having young, active boys with...

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Easy Pizza Pittas for Your Kids at Lunchtime

Hey Mummas! With the kids at home everyday during 'Corona lockdown', finding varied lunch recipes has been tricky. In fact, thinking of different dinners and lunches to have each day is quite an effort! Sandwiches and wraps are beginning to get boring, so I had a...

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Easy Oat Flour Pancakes for Fussy Kids!

Pancakes at the weekend have become somewhat of ritual for us this year. Probably because it's been comforting during winter time to have something really warm and filling to keep us going. Now that spring has come there's no sign of us stopping, so I'd thought I...

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Top Tips to Stay Healthy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

It's all Gone Bonkers! Well, it’s all gone a bit crazy around the world with Coronavirus hasn’t it?! And while I’m trying to keep calm and not get caught up in over-worry and stockpiling, as a mum of 3 young boys and having an elderly mum, I have naturally been...

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Easy Homemade Jammy Dodgers!

As Mummas in today's world, we have to be savvy about monitoring how much sugar our kids are having and I love to experiment at home with sugar free recipes. Buuut...every now and then the boys and I really enjoy making good old-fashioned cookies and cakes! Everything...

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Healthy Pizza, Happy Kids!

Winter feels like it's dragged on here in the UK, so I've had the challenge of coming up with ways to keep my boys occupied while it rains outdoors. Read on to find out how we have kept ourselves busy in the kitchen making homemade pizza!   Boys Vs Mum! Having 3...

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20 Screen Free Activities to Try with Your Kids

  We are finally coming out of the Winter season and looking forward to a (hopefully!) long Summer here in the UK. It’s been lovely to enjoy some down time while it’s been cold and grey outside – watching movies and snuggling in the warm. In fact, since the...

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