I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is! – Oprah

Love, Life and Little Feet is all about inspiring mums to feel empowered to put themselves first, decide for self-love every day, and explore mindful ways to parent.

On this website you will find articles to inspire, uplift, and feed your soul. Something different to the other mum blogs that offer lifestyle and recipe tips – the aim of Love, Life & Little Feet is to encourage you to nourish you, by encompassing the spirit aspect to mummahood as well as the day to day realities.

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5 Top Essential Oils To Use On Your Kids

Essential oils are an important part of our daily family life and routine. These potent medicines, with their healing scents, truly play a big role in our health. I often reach for an oil or two every day to assist us with something! So, in this blog I want to share...